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  • Perk Guide!

    Perk Guide
    Table of Contents:
    1. Getting Started
    2. Types of Perks
    3. Pet Perks
    4. Global Perks
    5. Item Perks
    Getting Started:
    Perks are a great way of boosting your stats and having great bonuses!

    Types of Perks:
    Pet Perks
    Global Perks
    Item Perks

    Pet Perks:
    Anti-Poison - Makes you Immune to Poison
    Anti-Fire - Protects you from DragonFire
    Increased Elite Crystal Keys
    Healthy - Boosts maximum HP
    Max Hit Perks - Increase max hit by X%
    Drop Rate Perks - Increase drop rate by X%
    Perfect points - Increase Perfect points by X%
    XP Rate - Increase XP by X%
    Slayer Points - Increase Slayer Points by X
    Hit Combo - Increase Hit combo by X%

    Global Perks:
    Soul Split Perk - Increases Soul Split from 1/5 to 1/4 of damage dealt.

    Item Perks:
    Kal'gerion notes - Infinite run Energy