Community Bosses Guide

Community Bosses Guide

Table of Contents:

1. Getting Started

2. Assassin

3. Party Demon

4. Blink

5. Icy Bones

Getting Started:

  • Community Bosses Spawn at certain times during the day,
  • with some being spawned by Admin as a Thank you for donations/voting!(Icy Bones/Party Demon).
  • Note: Boogie Bow deals extra damage to all Community Bosses!
  • The Assassin:

    Assassin Spawns Every 6 Hours and drops the pieces to the Zaros Godsword, an Amazing melee weapon.

    Party Demon:

    Party Demon spawns twice a day at 7:00 AM PST or 6:00 PM PST or can be spawned by Admin for a Community Event!

    Note: This boss requires 1k total level to participate.

    Icy Bones:

    Icy Bones is a Boss spawned by Admin for community engagement (voting, donating or being active!),
    and has all of the rare drop tables as a guaranteed drop, which randomly selects one player to receive the reward!


    This Boss Spawns in the Wilderness(Level 16) and is in Multi-Combat.
    Come Prepared to fight against the bosses, and possibly multiple players.

    Note: This is a DANGEROUS area, where you may be attacked.

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