Drop Guide

Perfect RSPS Dungoneering Guide

Floor 1:

Minimum requirements
  • 43 Prayer
  • Noob scimitar/Dragon Scimitar.
  • Dungeon
  • Go east till you reach a room full of forgotten warriors
  • Kill one of these warriors they'll drop 'Instructions'
  • Loot the chest im next to, to get a key half piece
  • Now leave the room and head west
  • Enter the room which looks like the imagine blow
  • Use that key part you just found on the coffin, you will get another part, combine those into a key
  • Once you got the full key head to this door (imagine below)
  • Now simply use the key on this door and head north, go through the bronze door and pray mage and attack the boss
  • Floor 2:

  • Requirements: 43 Prayer, 51 Dungeoneering
  • The first thing to take note of is the Crowbar in your inventory, use the crowbar on the shelves indicated in the picture

  • Next, Click on the door to the next room to the South.
  • Go South and kill one of the Forgotten Warriors, which will drop Gloom
  • Go Back North and talk to the boarded up hole, which will give you a Water Key
  • Finally, Go Through the Wooden doors at the South end of the passage, to face the boss! Remember to Protect from Missiles! Floor 2 Complete!
  • Spend tokens with the guy whom brings you to dungeoneering.