Slayer Guide

Slayer Guide


  • Requirements:
  • Combat Skills (43 Prayer, and 70+ Melee stats recommended)
  • Elemental Shield for Slayer Survival
  • Getting Started:
  • You need to complete a single slayer task to have the points for an Elemental Shield for Slayer Survival.
  • You can get your first Slayer Task from Kuradel at ::Home in the South-East corner
  • You can do this method from 1-99 Slayer if you want to get the drops and play actively
  • The Portal:

    The Store:

    Slayer Survival:
  • Slayer Survival is a SAFE Minigame, in which you fight 51 Waves of Slayer Monsters to Earn XP and amazing Rewards! It can be accessed through the Quests Tab in the Teleports Section. With decent stats, and Mid-Tier Armor, You can Semi-AFK Slayer Survival for great combat training, and Slayer Experience!
  • You earn 5 Slayer Points for completing the game, and Slayer Experience for every Wave Completed.
  • The Shop:

    Slayer Survival Shop
  • Congratulations on 99 Slayer! Go kill those Bosses!
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