Starter Guide

Welcome to the PerfectRSPS for you! Now that you're here, let's remember a few things that can instantly jump start you, follow these in order and you should end up with a good amount of money to start with.

Must Do's!:

  • ::vote & ::claimvotes
  • ::referral (when dialogue pops up, type your referral, example: lano, runeserver)
  • ::freebox - Claim your free box!
  • ::train and use keys on noob chest (level 3-40)
  • Discord
  • Seasonal accounts can only interact with seasonal accounts.
  • Will be useless after season!
  • Top 3 spots will get a reward (first place is a custom specifically for you)

  • Your cache likely isn't downloaded if you're new. Open up the Admin Panel by clicking "~" on your keypad under ESC key to the left of 1 on the top of your keyboard. Now your screen should be purple, type "displayfps" no quotes, and see your cache: %"
  • If you're not new, and you got kicked then can't login because of an blackscreen. Follow these steps below
  • Reload your client
  • Click "Settings" in the top right, change your settings to LOW DETAIL (SD)
  • Login, now you should be fine.
  • Hill Giants:
  • Quest Tab > Daily Money Makers
  • Levels 40-90
  • Green Dragons:
  • Prayer 1-43
  • Next head over to Green Dragons in order to get bones for prayer training.) Once you obtain some bones use them on the altar at home for extra XP. Train Prayer until you unlock Protect from Attack. To Teleport: Quest Tab -> Teleports -> Monsters
  • At this point in time your ready to start Easy Bossing!

  • Once the Protection Prayers are unlocked use the ticket you received when voting to go fight the vote boss! ***Protect from Melee is recommended, The Boss also hit through Prayer***
  • Money Makers & Combat Training for Loots:

  • Quest Tab > Daily Money Makers
  • Level 90-138
  • Slayer:
  • Talk to Kuradel at home, then goto > Quest Tab > Skills > Slayer
  • Change your Home in the Quest Tab
  • Usually, people follow what is being sold to the Grand Exchange. If it's on their for a price, likely that's the price or near that price for that item. The economy is wonderfully controlled by the players.
  • Every home has an item upgrade station, it's up to you to achieve the items it requires to upgrade it & make each and every item more powerful! Find the research table, at one of the homes to upgrade your armour & weapons
  • - You can use your Crystal Keys on the chest in the image above.

    When you begin PerfectRSPS, you have a temporary time of 48 hours to claim your donator starter package for the value of $50.. Talk to Josh in-game (PerfectRSPS on discord) to claim the deal, other wise the items are individually sold for more.

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