Thunderous Guide

Thunderous Guide

  • Table of Contents:
  • 1. Requirements:
  • 2. Getting Started:
  • 3. Rewards:
  • Requirements:
  • Combat Skills (37 Prayer, and 85+ Magic and Defense)
  • Getting Started:
  • You really don't need great armour, and should focus your Magic Damage % stat while fighting him,
  • while using items like subjugation or dungeoneering items like the tome of fire, chaotic staff and arcane stream necklace.
  • However, it is definitely manageable with just ahrims and a good bit of food!
  • (I HIGHLY recommend bringing a friend to split the damage!)
  • The Kill:

  • Thunderous has several High Value Items (Heavy Ballista, A Unique Title,
  • Harmonized Nightmare Staff, Zenyte Shards, and Crystal Armor Upgrade Shards)
  • The Loot:

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