Vorago Guide [Hard]

Vorago Guide [Hard]

Table of Contents:

1. Requirements

2. Getting Started

3. Strategies

4. Rewards


  • Max Combat Skills (99 Defense, Prayer, Magic, and Ranged
  • 95 Slayer
  • Sponsor (Recommended for permanant Overload)
  • Super Saradomin Brew Recipe Unlocked (higher healing factor)
  • HP Boosting Armour or Healthy Pet Perk
  • Getting Started

    Vorago is an Extremely HARD boss, who will consistently hit through Prayer, and deals high damage,
    but he also drops the BIS mage only gear in game, as well as the 3rd BIS mage weapon, and 2nd BIS mage off-hand)


    There are 2 strategies for killing Vorago, you can bring a Twisted Bow, and max Range Gear,
    or the cheaper method is to mage, which is what i prefer,

    Note: if you do not have the Sponsor benefits or Healthy Pet Perk, Bring a friend!

    In this gear, you should use about 8 Super Brews, per kill, unless double damage is on, or you have a friend.


    Vorago drops Tectonic Energy which can be used to make Tectonic Armour, which is BIS
    mage only gear, and a required component for Superior Apex Gear, BIS overall.
    He also drops the Seismic Wand and Orb, which are extremely powerful Magic Weapons

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